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Welcome to the Mayflower Bookshop, the only completely international bookshop in Leiden! Situated in the historical centre, you’ll find our bookshop at Breestraat 70.

Feel free to come in and browse our collection of both second-hand and new books and purchase our bargains, such as 3 for 20 (3 books for €20), Top 50 and our special deals, and don’t hesitate to ask us for help and advice. We’re open 7 days a week!

Our second shop opened in November 2021 in The Hague. You’ll find our shop there at Lange Poten 35.

Hope to see you soon,

Team Mayflower Bookshop

Coming up: Burns’ Night in Poetry Week 2023

Sunday January 29th, 16h00 – Breestraat 70 Traditionally, Dutch Poetry Week is celebrated in Mayflower Bookshop with a poetry event on the last Sunday of January. This year, Mayflower Bookshop […]

Looking back: Dinner for one

After two years of COVID, Mayflower Bookshop reinitiated its tradition of performing  the comedy sketch ‘Dinner for One’ on Sunday December 18. Amidst the books in the treasury of Mayflower […]

Christmas classics at Mayflower Bookshop: ‘Dinner for One’ and ‘A Christmas Carol’

Finally, we can resume our Christmas traditions of ‘Dinner for One’ and ‘A Christmas Carol’! Dinner for One, a classic on German television for over 40 years (but less well […]

COMING UP:  Mayflower Masterclass: Madness in Literature*

On November 27th, Mayflower Bookshop presents a pilot: Mayflower Masterclass, a new format, in which an expert in a specific field leads the discussion on a theme in literature. Attendants […]

Looking back: Skinner in Noordwijk

Following a short interview, in which he explained how he became a dedicated bookhistorian, and talked about his interest in the printing press as a means of influencing politics, Anglo-Dutch relations […]

Looking back: ‘Now’s the Day and now’s the hour’ (Robert Burns)

Despite the rain, the Scots event taking place this afternoon was well frequented; a great many people came along who were very much interested in Scotland and its literature, culture, […]

September 18, 16h00: The Invention of Scotland – Scottish literature in a nutshell

Orignally hailing from Scotland himself, avid St Pieter’s Church guide and devoted Commissioner of the Leiden 3 October Vereeniging Adrian Young will give a talk (in Dutch) on Scots literature. […]

Looking back: ‘You know my methods, Watson’ – Sherlock Holmes event

Fictional detective Sherlock Holmes is one of the most popular detectives in the history of the English detective story. But just how popular, was shown on Sunday August 28th, 135 […]

August 28th 16h00: ‘You know my methods, Watson’ – Sherlock Holmes and the history of the British detective novel

On 28 August, Wim Tigges PhD, will give a lecture on Sherlock Holmes, legendary character from the history of the British detective, and on his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. […]


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