On 1 November 2021 Mayflower Bookshop will move from its current location at Breestraat 142 to a new venue: Breestraat 70 (corner Catharinasteeg). To add lustre to the move, Mayflower Bookshop is organising a theatrical event on the Pilgrims and the Mayflower on 31 October at the old location.

The English-language performance, entitled ‘The Courtship of Miles Standish’ is an adaptation of the poem of the same name by the American poet Longfellow and will be performed by Freek Bouricius, Suze Hageman, Roland de Ligny and Esther Straathof, under direction of Sigrid de Zwart. The sketch is preceded by a short historical lecture by Leiden poet Leo van Zanen. After the performance, the ship ‘Mayflower’ will be transferred to its new harbour, symbolising the transition from old to new.

Location: Mayflower Bookshop, Breestraat 142, 31 October. Start:16.00. Admission free.

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