On 28 August, Wim Tigges PhD, will give a lecture on Sherlock Holmes, legendary character from the history of the British detective, and on his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Tigges will take us on a journey of Holmes’s methods, his idiosyncrasies and his unforgettable assistant and biographer, dr. John Watson.

 Sherlock Holmes is probably ’the most convincing, the most brilliant, the most sympathetic and the most beloved of all fictional detectives. Interest in Sherlock Holmes continues to this day, and has in fact become a cult that has developed rather far and wide.’,  says Anne Murch in The Development of the Detective Novel. That book dates from 1958, but her qualification still holds true today.

The lecture will be concluded with a characteristic passage from ‘The Blue Carbuncle’, performed by Freek Bouricius and Simme van de Lustgraaf (Mayflower Theatre Company).

August 28th – 16h00 (not 19h00) – Breestraat 70 LEIDEN

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