On the sweltering afternoon of Sunday June 25, people flocked to Mayflower Bookshop, looking for the treat of an enlightening literary lecture in the soothing environment of a cool bookshop, where Dr. Wim Tigges took us on a journey across the Atlantic for the second lecture in our series GREAT BOOKS on the American classic Moby Dick. Tigges not only concentrated on the novel, but also sketched for us the political environment in the United States at the time the novel was written, the life of Herman Melville, and the reception of the novel at the time of its publication. The afternoon concluded with the public reading of a chapter out of Moby Dick, after which a lively discussion ensued between the audience and Tigges as well as amongst the attendants of the lecture. Many people, vaguely familiar with the name of the book, or having read the book in their far-off student days, were stimulated to have yet another book to read on long summer evenings!

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