As Christmas approaches, Mayflower Bookshop presents her two traditional Christmas classics: ‘Dinner for One’ and ‘A Christmas Carol’!

Dinner for One, a classic on German television for over 40 years (but less well known in Britain) is a short sketch picturing Miss Sophie’s 90th birthday party, featuring her butler James in the roles of her four guests, who have all passed away…

For the fourth time, this hilarious sketch will be performed in Mayflower Bookshop on Sunday December 17 at 14.00 & 16.00 by the Mayflower Theatre Company, featuring Roland de Ligny  as James and Freek Bouricius as miss Sophie, under direction of house-director Sigrid de Zwart.

On Thursday December 21st at 1930, Mayflower’s Freek Bouricius will continue Mayflower’s Christmas tradition with a reading of a slightly shortened version of Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol. This timeless Christmas story is the perfect preparation for your Christmas!

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