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Coming up: November 26th: Enchanted by books – Don Quixote and Miguel de Cervantes

On Sunday November 26, Ruud Hisgen, anglicist, literary scholar and writer, will conclude our Great Books series with a lecture on the Spanish classic ‘El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de […]

Looking back – The sufferings of Young Werther

On Sunday October 29th, people flocked to Mayflower Bookshop, braving the bad weather to enjoy the fifth event of our series Great Books: the German classic ‘Die Leiden des Jungen […]

Coming up: October 29th: Endless Sufferings

On Sunday, October 29th, germanist and performer Hans van der Veen will give a talk on Goethe’s famous epistolary novel Die Leiden des Jungen Werthers (The sufferings of young Werther). […]

Looking back: Les Liaisons Dangereuses

On September 24th, Coco Hoek  took us to 18th c France for the fourth lecture in Mayflower Bookshop’s Great Books series. Hoek, who studied French in Leiden, painted a vivid […]

Coming up: September 24th: Magnificent, scandalous, magnificently scandalous!

On Sunday September 24th, Coco Hoek will give the fourth lecture in Mayflower Bookshop’s Great Books series, featuring the famous novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses (In Dutch: Gevaarlijk spel met de […]

Looking Back (with videos): Pink Books

On the evening of Friday, September 1st, the Pride event ‘Pink Books’ took place at Mayflower Bookshop, featuring the renowned guest speaker Splinter Chabot. Chabot was interviewed by Mayflower Bookshop’s […]

Looking back (with video): The Government Inspector

For the third event in Mayflower Bookshop’s series Great Books, people flocked to hear Louis Smit’s fascinating lecture on the Russian author Nicolai Gogol and on his play The Government […]

Announcing Participants: Exploring LGBTQ+ Literature at the “Pink Books” Event

Mayflower Bookshop proudly reveals the names of the distinguished participants who will be joining us for the “Pink Books” event: Freek Bouricius, interviewer (Mayflower Bookshop)Splinter Chabot (author and television producer)Felix […]

Coming up: September 1st: ‘Pink Books’ with Splinter Chabot (in Dutch)

You are cordially invited to join us on Friday September 1st at 8:00 PM at Mayflower Bookshop, Breestraat 70, for an extraordinary Mayflower Special: “Pink Books,” marking the essence of […]

Coming up: August 27th: Hypocrisy and corruption unmasked

On Sunday August 27th, Mayflower Bookshop’s Great Books series will feature Nikolai Gogol’s play ‘The Government Inspector’ (In Dutch: De Revisor) as the third lecture in this series. Gogol (1809-1852), […]